CPMA hosts working group over Plastic Packaging

Jun 07

Category: Industry

Plastic use and it’s disposal is an issue we have been dealing with, and will continue to deal with, for a very long time.

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has begun meeting with industry leaders in an attempt to identify possible solutions to this pressing issue. This initiative is following Canada’s June 2018 commitment to the Ocean Plastics Charter, a charter with expectations of widespread recyclable reductions by 2040.

In order for this type of initiative to prove successful, many stakeholders throughout the industry must take action. Unfortunately, majority of these actions carry a hefty price tag. Unless there are industry-wide standards and/or some type of government programs in place, consumers will end up paying those costs of switching practices.

Until regulations are set, it will be difficult for individual efforts to hold much significance. While, at the end of the day, every little bit helps, there are always going to be competitors or external factors in the market making companies choose between moving to make a change, or staying competitive in their industry.

Once top-leaders can identify and implement the actions necessary to see effective change, the whole industry can follow suit and rapid adaptation will take place. Infrastructure needed for initiatives of this scale require intensive planning and resources, however, steps are being taken in the right direction and we are on track to see substantial changes in the near future.

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