Okanagan Cherry, the upcoming King

May 31

Category: Tree Fruit

With the increasing success of the cherry industry, it’s no surprise why more and more Okanagan land is being converted to cherry crops each year.

Cherry acreage in the Valley shot up a staggering 35.7 percent from 2011 to 2016 and has continued to grow annually.

One of the biggest reasons we’re experiencing this shift in the industry is due changing weather conditions, specifically in winter. While the Okanagan Valley can still see some harsh colds, on average, conditions are much better for growing than they used to be.

We’ve also introduced newer late season, rain resistant varieties. This allows us to take better advantage of our harvest seasons and compete with American crops.

New markets are also lending a helping hand. Exports to China have grown significantly each year and other countries are joining in such as Vietnam, for example.

While apples still hold the crown with regards to sheer volume coming out of the Valley, cherries are on the right path to taking that top spot. Read more about the success of the cherry in this article by Kathy Michaels.